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Ecommerce Web Design

Electronic commerce or E-commerce refers to business that are carried out via the internet. It means that there are some commercial transaction over the internet. It is based upon some of the immerging technologies like mobile banking, mobile commerce, online transaction processing, electronic funds transfer, internet marketing, electronic data interchange, supply chain management and automated data collection. Also the main technology is the wild wide web (www) and sometimes the e-mail.

Some of the things that are employed in the E-commerce are: online shopping which is a way by which retail sales are done directly to the consumers via the internet, business to business selling and buying, business to business interchange of electronic data, provision of online marketplaces that act as the overseer of business to business or customer to customer sales, marketing potential as wells as reputable customers via emails or fax and pretrial for the purposes of launching new services and products.

Over the years E-Commerce has seen a growth in its areas of application.  Among the various places where it is now being applied include: online banking, automation of handling documents in supply sequence and logistic, group buying, newsgroups, digital Wallet, electronic tickets, online shopping as well as order tracking and online office suites.

Ecommerce has led to an increase in the price competition since the customers are able to get information on a variety of products or services that they require online. This in some way has also led to improved quality of the goods and services offered by the various industries and companies or service providers. The evolving economy resulting from embracing e-commerce has transformed the working spirit of people as well as the employees’ loyalty.

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