Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of influencing how often a website will be viewed by the intended users once they search using the search engines. It is based on the fact that the more that a website appears in the search engines once related material is searched, the more that the website will have the probability of being visited. When your website is being visited by many people, you stand a good chance of conveying information, services and products to more people and hence more profits from your website.

There are several search engines with the most common ones being Google, Yahoo and Bing. Most of the search engines use crawler when finding web pages once a search is made by an end user. For a web page to be found by the crawlers, it has to be first submitted to the search engines for indexing.

Search engine optimization is mainly used as a strategy of internet marketing. SEO Companies optimise for the search engines and it may consist of editing its content and HTML program structure so as to increase its significance to certain keywords and eliminate obstacles that arise during indexing of search engines. There are other several ways in which a website can be optimized.

Other methods that are employed in making the webpages viewed more in the search engines’ result include: cross linking several pages of the same website, including frequently searched content (Keywords) in the content that is put in the webpages. Also a more important but rarely practiced thing is frequently updating the content of a web page so as to make the crawling of the search engine come back to your web site more often.

The search engine techniques that are employed are categorized into two classes; white hats and the black hats. The white hats techniques give long lasting results while the black hats techniques give a results that aren’t long lasting and the websites can be banged any time. In short White hats SEO techniques are as per the search engines guidelines while the black hats SEO techniques don’t conform to these guidelines.

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