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Free SEO Audit for a Man and Van Website

So a user has asked me to audit his website for SEO, Amanandvan247.com. The company specialises in House Removals and Man and van services. To give it a quick breakdown:

Onpage SEO for the keyword “man and van bournemouth” for the page amanandvan247.com:

Accessible by search engines, not blocked by robots.txt, sitemap, correct re-directions, canonical address, good url structure – A

Good content, no keyword stuffing, H1, H2 tags including keywords, alt tags on images, sufficient words in content, Meta, Title – A

Overall great score and meets all the main criterias for that page.

Now they are also trying to rank for a sub-page which is the Bournemouth Removals page for a few keywords, mainly removals Bournemouth and House Removals. For this we will check for the keyword removals bournemouth.

Like above this also receives a grade A rating as it meets most of the main criterias above for good onsite SEO. My only recommendation would be to add more images, more content, bulk it up a bit more as it is one of the main pages of the site and you want to attract the users to stay on there. For good UX purposes I would also recommend a call to action at the bottom of the content.

Check out their site at amanandvan247.com

Man and Van Website

SEO Audit for amanandvan247.com


Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of influencing how often a website will be viewed by the intended users once they search using the search engines. It is based on the fact that the more that a website appears in the search engines once related material is searched, the more that the website will have the probability of being visited. When your website is being visited by many people, you stand a good chance of conveying information, services and products to more people and hence more profits from your website.

There are several search engines with the most common ones being Google, Yahoo and Bing. Most of the search engines use crawler when finding web pages once a search is made by an end user. For a web page to be found by the crawlers, it has to be first submitted to the search engines for indexing.

Search engine optimization is mainly used as a strategy of internet marketing. SEO Companies optimise for the search engines and it may consist of editing its content and HTML program structure so as to increase its significance to certain keywords and eliminate obstacles that arise during indexing of search engines. There are other several ways in which a website can be optimized.

Other methods that are employed in making the webpages viewed more in the search engines’ result include: cross linking several pages of the same website, including frequently searched content (Keywords) in the content that is put in the webpages. Also a more important but rarely practiced thing is frequently updating the content of a web page so as to make the crawling of the search engine come back to your web site more often.

The search engine techniques that are employed are categorized into two classes; white hats and the black hats. The white hats techniques give long lasting results while the black hats techniques give a results that aren’t long lasting and the websites can be banged any time. In short White hats SEO techniques are as per the search engines guidelines while the black hats SEO techniques don’t conform to these guidelines.

Ecommerce Web Design

ecommerce cart

Ecommerce Web Design

Electronic commerce or E-commerce refers to business that are carried out via the internet. It means that there are some commercial transaction over the internet. It is based upon some of the immerging technologies like mobile banking, mobile commerce, online transaction processing, electronic funds transfer, internet marketing, electronic data interchange, supply chain management and automated data collection. Also the main technology is the wild wide web (www) and sometimes the e-mail.

Some of the things that are employed in the E-commerce are: online shopping which is a way by which retail sales are done directly to the consumers via the internet, business to business selling and buying, business to business interchange of electronic data, provision of online marketplaces that act as the overseer of business to business or customer to customer sales, marketing potential as wells as reputable customers via emails or fax and pretrial for the purposes of launching new services and products.

Over the years E-Commerce has seen a growth in its areas of application.  Among the various places where it is now being applied include: online banking, automation of handling documents in supply sequence and logistic, group buying, newsgroups, digital Wallet, electronic tickets, online shopping as well as order tracking and online office suites.

Ecommerce has led to an increase in the price competition since the customers are able to get information on a variety of products or services that they require online. This in some way has also led to improved quality of the goods and services offered by the various industries and companies or service providers. The evolving economy resulting from embracing e-commerce has transformed the working spirit of people as well as the employees’ loyalty.